CBD SBIR Process


Each year, the JSTO-CBD in conjunction with participating organizations develop a set of research topics that represent current and anticipated Chemical Biological Defense technology needs. These CBD SBIR topics are included in the DoD SBIR Announcement. While the DoD program publishes several Announcements annually, CBD SBIR generally participates in the first (FYxx.1 ) Announcement.  The first of three DoD SBIR Announcements typically kicks off in December as a ‘Pre-Announcement’ with proposals due in February, one month after the formal opening of the Announcement.

Three-Phase Process

The CBD SBIR program matures a project, if successful, through three distinct phases to an acceptable Technology Readiness Level (TRL). Proposals submitted in response to topics published in the Announcement are competitively selected for Phase I awards. Phase I proposals must respond to a specific topic in the Announcement; the SBIR program does not accept unsolicited proposals.   Also, the SBIR program does not accept classified proposals.

In Phase I, the company must prove the feasibility of its concept within a six-month, $150,000 effort.  CBD SBIR no longer includes an Option period as part of Phase I projects.

Successful Phase I companies may compete for Phase II funding by submitting a Phase II proposal near the end of their Phase I Period of Performance. Phase II represents a substantial R&D effort, up to $1,000,000 over two years, and is intended to result in an innovative technology meeting the requirements of the original Announcement topic and can be made commercially viable. Phase I awardees will receive more detailed information from the CBD SBIR Program Manager regarding the Phase II proposal submission process after the Phase I contract is awarded.

Phase III is the goal of every SBIR effort, and represents the commercialization phase of the program. In Phase III, the successful company matures the technology developed in Phase II to market the product either to the government or in the commercial sector. No SBIR funds can be used in Phase III. The intention of SBIR is for each company receiving an investment of SBIR funds during Phases I and II should now be prepared to enter into the commercial marketplace by the conclusion of Phase III.

CBD SBIR Schedule

In a given acquisition cycle, JSTO-CBD will solicit Phase I proposals in conjunction with new CBD SBIR topics and will also identify new Phase II projects. Key acquisition events and a generalized timeline are presented (subject to change). For specific dates, refer to the DoD SBIR/STTR website at http://sbir.defensebusiness.org.

Phase I Process for DoD FYxx.1 (1st DoD SBIR Announcement of a fiscal year)

Topic Pre-Release December
Announcement Open


Phase I Proposals Due February
Phase I Evaluations

February - March

Phase I Selections

Notification within 90-days following Announcement closing date

Phase I Contract Awards


Phase II Process


Phase II Proposal Preparation

Approximately five months following start of Phase I contract Period of Performance

Proposals Due

See CBD SBIR Phase II Submission page at http://cbdsbir.net/submissions/phase-ii-submission/phase-ii-submission

Phase II Selections

Notifications within 90-days following Phase II proposal submission closing date
Phase II Contract Awards

Approximately six months following Phase II proposal submission