FY10 Phase II Awards

The Chemical and Biological Defense (CBD) SBIR Program received 26 Phase II proposals in November 2009. All of the Phase II proposals received a comprehensive technical evaluation in accordance with the evaluation criteria published in the solicitation, and were prioritized for award; 19 Phase II proposals were selected for award pending successful negotiations and availability of FY10 funds. All awards are intended to be made by May 2010.

Topic Title Company
CBD09-110 CBRN Sensor and Sensor Netting Algorithms MESH, Inc.
CBD09-110 CBRN Sensor and Sensor Netting Algorithms Torch Technologies, Inc.
CBD09-110 CBRN Sensor and Sensor Netting Algorithms Numerica Corporation
CBD09-108 Distributed Thermal Imaging Spectrometer for Force Protection MESH, Inc.
CBD09-108 Low Cost LWIR Interferometric HSI System Spectrum Photonics, Inc.
CBD09-107 High-Speed Resonant FTIR Spectrometer for Surface Contaminant Measurements OPTRA, Inc
CBD09-107 Ultra High-Speed Spectroradiometry for Contamination Reconnaissance and Surveillance Semiotic Engineering Associates LLC
CBD09-106 Integrated Automated Pre-concentrator Inlet for Mass Spectrometer 1st Detect Corp
CBD09-106 Electrically Switchable Surfaces for Vapor Stream Concentration Triton Systems, Inc.
CBD09-105 Bio-MEMs Agile Sensor Platforms and Communication Networks OpCoast LLC
CBD09-105 Novel MicroPower Source for Insect Based Sensor and Communication Platforms CFD Research Corporation
CBD09-104 Dielectrophoretic Microfluidic Protein Analysis System Physical Optics Corporation
CBD09-103 A Quarter Sized Optical NEMS Based Methyl Salicylate Detector Imaginative Technologies, LLC
CBD09-103 Accurate Real-time Methyl Salicylate Sensing System (ARMSSS) Intelligent Automation, Inc.
CBD09-102 Bio-Inspired Dry Fibrillar Adhesives for Enhanced Sealing of Respiratory Protective Masks nanoGriptech, LLC
CBD09-102 Bio-Inspired Dry Adhesives Technova Corporation
CBD09-101 Durable Anti-fog Coatings for Contoured Plastic Substrates Using Nanoparticles with Tunable Size and Surface Chemistry InnoSense LLC
CBD08-104 Dynamic Multicomponent Optical Analyzer for Chemical Weapon (CW) Exposure Studies Spectral Sciences
CBD08-102 Handheld IR Raman Spectroscopy for Rapid Chemical Identification Aerius Photonics
Last Update: June 2, 2010