FY13.1 Phase I Awards

The Chemical and Biological Defense (CBD) SBIR Program received 125 Phase I proposals in response to the 13.1 DoD SBIR Solicitation, which closed on 16 January 2013. The 13.1 Solicitation contained ten topics. The Phase I proposals received a comprehensive technical evaluation in accordance with the evaluation criteria published in the Solicitation, and were prioritized for award. The CBD SBIR award process resulted in the identification of 23 Phase I proposals for negotiation and award. Awards will be made pending successful negotiations and availability of funds. The procurement office for the service or organization that generated the respective solicitation topic will contact selected companies to begin the negotiation process.

Topic Title Company
CBD13-110 Self-Healing Shape Memory Polymer Coatings for Chemical/Biological Protective Clothing ICET, Inc.
CBD13-110 Self-Healing Shape Memory Polymer Based Coatings for Protective Garments (1001-966) Triton Systems, Inc.
CBD13-109 Microfiber-Based Closures with Hermetic Sealing for Chem Bio Protective Garments nanoGriptech, Inc.
CBD13-109 Hermetic Seals for Chemical/Biological Protective Garments Creare Inc.
CBD13-108 Rapid biodosimetry for accurate assessment of individual radiation exposure levels Radiation Monitoring Devices, Inc.
CBD13-108 Rapid biodosimetry for accurate assessment of individual radiation exposure levels Active Spectrum, Inc.
CBD13-107 Novel physiological depot formulations for long-term butyrylcholinesterase delivery Avrygen Corporation
CBD13-107 Development of a long-acting, injectable controlled release butyrylcholinesterase formulation using predictive modeling. Qrono Inc
CBD13-107 Microhydrogel Depot for Sustained Delivery of Prophylactic Bioscavenger Luna Innovations Incorporated
CBD13-106 Microfluidic Pneumatic Autoinjector Platform Physical Optics Corporation
CBD13-106 ARCH Technology for a Simple, Resilient, and Cost-Effective Auto- Injector AktiVax, Inc.
CBD13-106 A Miniature Autoinjector for Multicomponent Drugs and Vaccines Creare Inc.
CBD13-105 A Low-Cost, High-Performance Colloidal Quantum Dot LWIR FPA for Hyperspectral Imaging Sivananthan Laboratories, Inc.
CBD13-105 Development Of Low Cost Infrared Focal Plane Array For Passive Chemical Detection Using Colloidal Quantum Dots Brimrose Technology Corporation
CBD13-104 AOTF-based Spectral Imaging for Enhanced Stand-off Chemical Detection DRS Scientific, Inc.
CBD13-104 AOTF Based Spectro-Polarimetric Imaging System For Stand Off Chemical Detection Brimrose Technology Corporation
CBD13-103 Advanced Real-Time Surface Contamination Sensor DBC Technology Corp.
CBD13-103 Active-Passive Fusion for Surface Contamination Detection Physical Sciences Inc.
CBD13-102 Global Spatiotemporal Disease Surveillance System HOLOMIC LLC
CBD13-102 Mobile Reader App and Internet Software for Chem-Bio Surveillance Celadon Laboratories, Inc.
CBD13-101 Responsive Sequestration Coating TDA Research, Inc.
CBD13-101 A broad-spectrum reactive nanocomposite gel coating to sequester chemical warfare agents Nano Terra, Inc
CBD13-101 100% Solids Polyurethane Sequestration Coatings Akita Innovations LLC
Last Update: March 27, 2013